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I’d say the director prithwiraj has won the audience rather than the actor prithviraj wanna know more about the review of the film broke daddy then make sure you read this Article till the end Bro Daddy the mohanlal starrer which marks actor director prithwiraj kumaran’s second outing as a filmmaker is now streaming on Disney plus hotstar meena and kalyani priya darshan appear as the female leads in this family entertainer the project which is bankrolled under the banner ashira cinemas this film marks mohanlal and prathura to kumaran’s second collaboration after the massive success of the film lucifer john kattadi that is a character played by mohanlal and andama that is another character played by meena they are a much in love couple and isho john kattari that is prithviraj tukaram is their one and only son isho is in love with anna that is kalyani priya darshan who is the doctor of their family friend korean and elsie so kurian is a character played by lalu alex and elsie is a character played by kaniha isho and anna are living together in bangalore but when their parents show interest in getting these two married they pretend like as if they do not like each other at all however a everything takes a turn when john and isho face a similar situation.

Well, in this post, I will keep updating the latest information on Mohanlal’s upcoming Comedy Drama movie Bro Daddy OTT release date, theatre release date, digital rights, satellite rights, and more. Bro Daddy is a Malayalam movie directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran and written by Sreejith N and Bibin Maliekal. Antony Perumbavoor produced this movie under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas.

Bro Daddy featured Mohanlal in the lead role, alongside Prithviraj Sukumaran, Meena, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Unni Mukundan, Lalu Alex, Murali Gopy, Kaniha, Jagadish, Soubin Shahir, Kavya Shetty, Mallika Sukumaran, Antony Perumbavoor, Sijoy Varghese in supporting roles. Abhinandhan Ramanujan did the cinematography of the Bro Daddy movie. The film was edited by Akhilesh Mohan. The music of Bro Daddy was composed by Deepak Dev.

Bro Daddy Movie Cast

Directed by:

Prithviraj Sukumaran

Written by:

Sreejith N

Bibin Maliekal

Produced by:

Antony Perumbavoor



Prithviraj Sukumaran 

Meena Durairaj 

Kalyani Priyadarshan 

Lalu Alex 



Abinandhan Ramanujam

Edited by:

Akhilesh Mohan

Music by:

Deepak Dev

Production company:

Aashirvad Cinemas

Distributed by:

Disney+ Hotstar

Release date:

26 January 2022

Running time:

160 minutes





IMBD Rating:



100 Crore

Bro Daddy Movie Story

Only mukundan is also seen in a cameo role but i do not even know why that role was there just to extend some part of the film probably anyways so the film does not really have a storyline to be honest though the storyline is simple and predictable the chuckle some scenes have kept the audience engaging raj has succeeded very well as a potential director with this film the visuals are top notch and they give us good wipes deepak dev’s music is another addition to the film the film looks very lavish and also a little too flashy sometimes you feel it’s a home tour that you’re watching and not a movie the first half of this feel good entertainer is packed with mohanlal infusing energy to his scenes while prithviraj scores with his expressions and comic timing even when the dialogue seems uh you know sometimes they seem predictable in a few scenes here and there just like its story the brilliant chemistry between the duo keeps the laughs coming in the first half but sadly anima has no role to play except for dressing up well throughout and making up funds second half of the movie is very blank and it seems even they felt you can probably hence brought saubin into the screen his character seems to be written just for silly humor and it ranked overboard i would not wonder even if you find it annoying raju is clearly a misfit to uh to play a role very uh of that of a very young fashionable boy from bangalore they should have cast someone else for it the scenes leading to the confrontation between the korean and the qatari family does not appear really convincing and finally coming to my final verdict bro daddy is a decent one-time watch with an old style second half but then that would not stop largely from enjoying the film the fact that it’s an ott watch makes it even more comfortable so i’ll recommend you to watch this movie if you’re free and bored only if you’ve already finished watching the film coming down. 

Bro Daddy Movie Watch online Filmyzilla

Just put a smile on my face guys this absolutely put a smile on my face let me stop this that was so beautiful and cute and adorable that’s that’s the first thing which is coming in my mind it’s so it’s so cute and it’s like a you know it feels like a nice warm blanket that has been put on you and you are just swaying to the feel of it you’re feeling warm and cozy and it’s it like that that’s the feel of the song so i want to give a big shout out to the composer deepak dave shout out take applause to the composer because it’s a beautiful composition i loved the melody of the song i think that’s that my biggest biggest uh for me that’s the biggest highlight 

The melody of the song and the way the beat you know when he’s saying both of them are singing it just a very mellow beat and then when the oh part comes the beat drop happens it’s so beautifully done it it has its moments it’s a very soothing song but it has its moments of highs and lows highs and lows so it takes you through like an emotional ride as well where at first point you are feeling ah so soothing so nice and then it gives you an emotional high and then it again brings you down to soothe you down and then it ends with that emotional high which i liked which i liked so that’s about the composition the lyrics are so adorable you know it it’s talking about the father and the sun uh standing up with you know standing together standing with each other protecting each other so it’s not just the father saying that you know i’ll be there for you it’s the son also saying that i’m gonna be there for you so you see that camaraderie it’s like a friendship between these two so it’s he’s not just a father figure he’s like a friend also for him so that gets very very beautifully highlighted in the lyrics as well i’m so happy so happy that the subtitles were given so i could even enjoy the song more it’s not just i was enjoying the melody and the vocals i was also getting connected with the lyrics as well so that’s about the lyrics then the singers wow with three national i am listen i this is like a new found information after i you know reacted to the shrilliam song and uh i was like okay the shock i got when prithvi and his name appeared over there then you guys told me no he’s really good at sinking as well so his parts were so beautiful and then i had no idea that lalita also can sing what can he not do hello he’s like the superhuman being i feel oh my god and i know so this is not related to this song but i have seen couple of comments where you uh somebody asked me i think two or three viewers i have not seen many comments a couple of comments but it’s stuck in my head that.

There are a couple of music videos like song movie song videos where like how i appreciated his uh you know that way he lip syncs with the song so those songs have reacted to but there are a couple of other videos also where i can see his dancing abilities and he has done how gracefully he dances without having any sort of training in classical dancing so i forgot which because i forgot to screenshot that comment uh i do not know which song that is but if you want me to react to those songs but i just make me aware of those songs in the comments here below and i’ll ensure that i screenshot that song so let me know let me know if you want me to react to that as well or not coming back to the song love the vocals uh very very soothing very very calming uh very much enjoyable and i liked how in the video it was shown how prithviraj is actually directing this movie with various various behind the scenes and then you see the actual scene happening so it made the song even more enjoyable uh just it’s not just you know them uh showing that okay they’re singing in the studio and the recording of the studio the overall making of the film was also shown which i thoroughly enjoyed i really enjoy watching the making of the film so yes a very cute adorable song guys i can totally understand why you guys asked me to react to it because this is very enjoyable very soothing and very adorable i loved it i love how cute it was i loved how cute it was so yes that was the reaction guys i hope you enjoyed Read this Article sharing your thoughts in the comments. 

Bro Daddy Movie Teaser And Trailer Reaction

Teaser reaction right now this is bro daddy teaser which stars moana uh beloved lolita in the lead role with raj and many many more and this is where prathri raj once again has done the role of the director and in his directorial debut of course lucifer which i still have not watched i’m really sorry i’ve still still not watched it uh so he of course mohanlal was part of it and whatever uh photographs like on in instagram that i’ve seen for this movie that prithviraj has dropped i it looks like it like a very like a chill movie it looks like a chill movie and the name is also bro daddy so yeah so yeah let’s watch this teaser uh this does not give out the release date because in the description it’s written as coming soon to disney plus hot star so this is a movie that of course we’ll be able to Read yo okay.

This is more like character introduction this is a very very short teaser like most of the teaser was character introduction but can i just say something i’ve guessed the storyline i mean i could see there is always a chance that i am wrong but looking at this teaser like and the dialogue in the beginning i understood what the storyline could be could be should i okay anyways i’ll be proven wrong if uh whenever it releases in disney plus hotstar so you can come back to this teaser reaction and say no ashwagandha you were completely wrong okay you can not guess the story and you could not do it so the storyline is that of course prithvi raja’s character and this uh the female lead okay anna so is she his name was ishii and anna they are in love okay they meet they fall in love it like the you know love at first sight and whatever basically they are in love okay and then they finally decide to get married they finally decide to get married okay so she tells her family he tells his family and their both the families then decide to meet okay now when they meet when they meet they realize they realize okay korean and john huh they’re both mo they’re realized the broad idea understood why the name is also pro daddy they realized that these two their best friends they were best friends john and korean they were best friends in college because he said at the beginning that korean was in love with your mom your mom is telling this to prithwiraj okay so they are best friends and korean when he meets the parents he realizes oh this dude who’s in love with my daughter he is john’s son okay and now he’s not my friend anymore he was my brother in college he was my brother in college okay but I’m gonna like I have this probably this grudge or something like that because he says that you know john is pretty convinced that he has this grudge because he was in love with his wife so you know korean was in love with his wife and basically he could not get her so uh yeah so that could be the grudge but i’m guessing the grudge is something different which will be revealed in the climax okay so there would be some misunderstanding then there would be like a villain who had created this misunderstanding but korean basically rejects this rishta and says that this marriage cannot happen okay so he tells prithviraj to f off and said no i’m not giving my daughter’s hand okay i’m not sending her to your house because i do not like jon jon is a deceit deceitful person okay he was my bro he pretended to be my bro but he’s not he gave me dhoka so then all this khichdi will happen and then the misunderstanding will get cleared and we’ll have all these laugh out loud moments and stuff like that and yeah i’m sorry i feel every time i come down to kolkata i have to apologize again and again for the construction noise but till the metro gets constructed i can not yeah yes so uh so yeah i’m sorry for this uh construction noise and the traffic noise also from time to time but so this is what i’ve guessed so this is this is my broad guess is what the storyline is it looked pretty obvious huh see so this is like so it’s a very chill movie it’s a comedy family drama movie and i think with made a good decision this is something that probably is going to be more enjoyable this kind of film is probably going to be more enjoyable in ott rather than in theaters because it it’s i mean yeah going to the theaters and all of that is an escape but the fact that you know there are certain films which you actually enjoy watching more in the television on your laptop or whatever instead of the big screen so now that you know makers have this option i think yeah that i feel personally looking at just the teaser and the character introduction is that this is a film which is more suited for ott release your thoughts could be different please let me know so yeah but like it’s gonna have all the tropes that we know uh and you know there’s gonna be like those kind that kind of music because even with the background score i realized that yeah it’s going to have those slow-mo cool uh cool shots the hero entry the father entry the heroine entry villain entry everybody’s entry is going to be look like those cool slo-mo shots and beautiful camera angles it’s very bright so set design all of that is going to be nice then it’s an out and out comedy of course in the climax sequence of there would be that conflict but overall uh this is going to be more of like in the comedy zone so yes yes that was the reaction i’ll i’ll get more context to when the trailer drops so this is just the teaser and with this teaser this is the storyline.

I already guessed if you have different thoughts let me know in the comments huh but let me know in the comments so yes that was the reaction this was this gave out nothing much this was like more character glimpses so really not um i mean not much to comment in terms of the trailer cut or the teaser cut also uh but yes looking forward to the trailer as usual so let’s see let’s see how this uh you know how much uh yeah i’m sorry how much exciting is the trailer and is it’s going to make me you know oh my god yeah i can not wait for the release of this one or is it going to be like yeah okay fine i’ll watch this in my free time let’s see what kind of feeling that the trailer gives me whenever it comes out so yes that was the reaction to the teaser of bro daddy sharing your thoughts in the comments below and yes i will sign off from this video now those were my thoughts and that was my guess work and yeah i will sign off now and i’ll see you soon.

Bro Daddy Movie Release date

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Bro Daddy OTT Release Date, Theatre Release Date & Digital Rights

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in India from March 2020, our country has witnessed significant growth in OTT platforms. Until then, the popularity of OTT platforms was limited to the urban area and above the middle class. Due to the national lockdown, people were restricted from staying in the home and didn’t have many entertainment options.

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