Farmer and four lazy sons in english

Inspirational story of farmer and four lazy sons

Farmer and four lazy sons in english

There was a farmer. He had four sons and all four were very lazy. He did not do any work. The farmer used to work in his field all day long and no boy came to help him. The farmer was very worried about what would happen to his four sons after his death. The same thing used to eat him day and night. One day the farmer became very ill. He came to know that now his last time is near. He called his four sons and said that – I know that after my death all four of you will not do anything, you have no place to eat or drink That’s why I have kept a lot of money hidden in the field, you can find that money and take it out and live your life comfortably.

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After saying this, the farmer died and the four sons of the farmer were very sad, but what could have happened now. For some days, he kept on eating grains kept in the house. But in the end that too was over, they thought that now we have to dig the field and extract the treasure, apart from this, there is no solution left with us. Thinking like this, the four sons got up in the morning and reached to dig the field. The farm was very big and None of them knew in which part of the field the treasure was hidden. Due to which they had to dig the whole field. 

This sequence continued for four-five days. The four sons would wake up in the morning and keep digging the field in the greed of treasure. Finally they dug the whole field well. But they did not find the treasure anywhere. They were very sad. Then they thought when we We have already worked so hard, so why don’t we put seeds in the field now. By which the crop will be done and we will earn some money by selling that crop. From which we will get food, we will see further ahead. 

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Thinking so, the four together sowed the seeds and started taking good care of the field. Gradually, their laziness started decreasing, seeing the crop which started growing, the four sons started rejoicing. They felt good And finally one day their crop was ripe and ready and all four of them cut that crop and took it to the market. There they got very good price for that crop. This money was their hard earned money. So the four sons were very happy. Seeing his hard work, an elderly man from the village came to him and said, son, we are very happy to see your hard work. Your father’s soul will surely find peace now. Then the four boys told that old man that we were looking for treasure in the field at the behest of father, we could not find it, so we sowed the seeds and such a good crop was ready.

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Then that old man said that your father had rightly said that the treasure is hidden in this field. The four boys started looking at each other’s face and they said, you tell us where the treasure is hidden, we will take it out now. The elderly man started laughing and said when did you get that treasure. The boys said no, we did not find any treasure. The old man said that the treasure was your crop, which you extracted by digging the earth, the meaning of your father’s saying was that you dig the earth and you will find the treasure. The four boys understood their father’s lesson and that day Later he became cautious in his life and stopped laziness altogether. Because he came to know that the treasure is really hidden in his farm, he will get as much as he seeks, it will never be less nor will it end.

That is why the harder you work, the more success you will get.

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