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Siskiyaan Palang Tod Review

Hello friends welcome to Newskhabri. Today we are going to talk about extreme happiness. Another episode is going to be added to Ullu’s very popular web series Palang Tod about the upcoming series Siskiyaan Palang Tod web series has always made a different place in the hearts of people. All its seasons have received a lot of love from the audience. Viewers are eager to watch the upcoming new season of Palang Tod. Due to this, platforms like Ullu have competed with big OTT platforms in a very short time.Ullu has made its mark in the eyes of the people in such a short time.

Ever since the release of Palang Tod on Ullu, this web series has attracted people towards it. As soon as a new web series is released on Ullu, there is a different enthusiasm among the audience about their web series. Similarly, we are going to tell you the complete details of the next hundred of the Palang Tod web series to be released soon on the platform of Ullu. Today we are going to tell you about the web series. The name of that web series is Siskiyaan PalangTod. This is an Indian web series which will be released on 5 August on India’s most popular platform Ullu.

Siskiyaan Palang Tod Complete Details

Name:- Siskiyaan Palang Tod

Season:- 1

Genre:- 18+Romance

Type:- Web Series

Release Date:- 5 August 2022

Video Platform:- ULLU APP

Language:- Hindi

Country:- India

Cast:- Malabika Das, Tarakesh Chauhan

Siskiyaan Palang Tod Story

Storyline:- Bas khata koi ho na humse Warna besabar bann jayega lshq. “Siskiyaan” (Palang Tod)

The web series story revolves around an old man who is paralyzed. The role of the old man is played by Tarakesh Chauhan. In this web series, it is shown that the daughter-in-law takes care of her father-in- law. But the father-in-law’s thoughts about her are very different from their relationship. One day her husband has to go out of town for some work for two to three days and she takes care of her father- in-law. Watch the web series to know the full story and what will happen between them.

Ullu App always brings bold and erotic content to the audience. The audiences also enjoy the bold web series. There is always something unique in the web series which keeps the audiences engaged.

Palang Tod Siskiyaan Web Series Cast

• Malabika Das

• Tarakesh Chauhan

Siskiyaan Palang Tod Trailer

Siskiyaan Palang Tod FAQ

Q. Siskiyaan Palang Tod Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 5nd August 2022

Q. How to Watch Online Siskiyaan Palang Tod Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App from Playstore and take a subscription to enjoy the web series

Q. Siskiyaan Palang Tod Web Series Cast

Ans Malabika Das, Tarakesh Chauhan


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