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Walkman Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Walkman Part 2 Webseries – Ullu is going to release its new 18+ web series this month named Walkman Part 2. In this series, you will get to see bold and hot scenes of a woman’s puberty as well as romance and drama. It has been rated A by Ullu. In this, along with watching erotic scenes, you will also get to hear stories full of excitement. In this article, you will be given complete information about the Cast, Story and Release Date of this upcoming web series of Ullu.

In this web series, a woman who is not satisfied with her husband forms relationships with many different men and quells the fire of her youth. And not only with men, you will also be able to see hot romance between two girls in this web series.

Due to the increasing trend and popularity of OTT, OTT platforms are also continuously offering bold web series one after the other. At present, the trend of the audience is also more towards web series than movies. In such a situation, the audience is waiting to know and see about the new upcoming web series. And if we talk about ULLU, then its discussions are on every tongue in the world of web series.

ULLU has been continuously presenting its erotic web series which are also being well liked by the audience. In this offering, Ullu is going to release Walkman Part 2,a web series full of erotic stories and bold scenes which is going to rock OTT. It has been launched only for 18+ category. Not all web series rated A are watchable with family. Let us now tell you about the cast, story and release date of Walkman Part 2 web series.

Walkman Part 2 Webseries Cast

Talking about the cast of the web series, popular actress Ridhima Tiwari is going to lead it. Ridhima Tiwari will be seen in the role of housewife in this series. Even before this she has appeared in many web series. Ridhima Tiwari has no dearth of fans because of her acting prowess and lucrative Screen presence.

Walkman Part 2 Ullu Web Series All Episodes Watch Online

Ridhima Tiwari (Roshni).

• Kasim (Manoj).

• Dheeraj (Chandan).

• Komal Sharma (Daya Bhabhi).

• Ayushi Jaiswal (Sunita).

Walkman Part 2 Webseries Story

Walkman Part 2 Ullu is a new and upcoming Hindi web series on OTT platform. In this web series, an Indian housewife is doing some different activities for fun in her life. In the story, this woman is newly married but she is not satisfied with her husband. She is at the peak of her sexuality of youth and is always looking for alternatives to put out her fire.

For her sexual satisfaction, this housewife comes in contact with different men and tries to fulfill her desires. Apart from men, she also has a lot of romance with her sister-in-law and the audience is going to see a hot and bold scene.

This lady has a Walkman Part 2. She buys brand new erotic DVDs for the Walkman Part 2. And enjoys them alone. The housewife seems to be heavily influenced by the erotic DVD stories. After receiving erotic DVDs for the Walkman Part 2, she shows off her beauty while listening to them in private. In the web series, you are going to get both erotic stories and erotic Scenes in abundance. Thus the story of ‘Walkman Part 2’ continues continuously.

Good glimpses of love making scenes have been shown in the web series. Undoubtedly this show is going to be very exciting. And the audience will have a lot of fun watching this series.

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Walkman Part 2 Webseries Release Date

The date has been announced by Ullu regarding the release date of Walkman Part 2 webseries. Its trailer was already released by Ullu. This web series is being released on 7October 2022 on Ullu app and website. As sOon as the information is released, we will notify you first. For this, stay constantly on the website so that you can get all the important information related to every upcoming web series and other topics and you can stay updated with all the viral and trending news.

Walkman Part 2 Ullu webseries will be released on 0TT platform ULLU on 7 October. You have to subscribe to ULLU to watch it. After subscribing, you can download as well as watch it online on the Ullu app or website. Click to go to Ullu.

You can watch all the episodes of Walkman Part 2 UIlu Web Series online on ULLU App but ULLU Application is a paid platform where Walkman Part 2 cannot watch web series for free, this web series is not free, to watch this web series, subscribe to ULLU This subscription will not be a big amount, it is a small amount, see Walkman Part 2 webseries. 99 has to be paid to take the first month subscription, 7297 has to be paid for taking a 1 year subscription. This amount has to be paid annually.

What are the benefits of taking a subscription If you subscribe to the ULLU app, then all of you are going to be the first to see these web series, as soon as any web series is released on ULLU, then you all get the notification immediately. By which you can open the ULLU application and watch their new webseries. Lady Finger Part 1 webseries has been released on ULLU, you an watch it by subscription.

Walkman Part 2 Trailer



The walkman Section 2 web series isn’t however delivered, so we can’t compose audits about it. After the web series discharge, we will refresh the web series audit in this article. Thus, remain tuned.

The supplant to the Walkman used to be sent off rapidly at the Owl application least complex. This web grouping has the episodes as a whole. The time of each episode is 20-Half-hour. Walkman used to be sent off in Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada,Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil dialects.

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  • On which platform will the Walkman Part2 web series be released?

Ans. Walkman Part 2 webseries will be released on 0TT platform ULLU.

  • When will the Walkman Part 2 webseries be released?

Ans. According to Ullu, the Walkman Part 2 webseries is being released on 7 October 2022.

  • Who is the actress in Walkman Part 2 webseries?

Ans. Popular actress Ridhima Tiwari will be seen in the lead role in the Walkman Part 2 webseries.


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